Great Moments in Customer Service

My debit card has some issues.  As you can see, the card has cracked and is breaking apart*

*NOTE – this likely has more to do with how the card sits in my wallet (and how much I sit on it) than it does with the card’s rate of usage.

Here is the frustrating part:  I used this card at my bank with it in this condition – handing it to a teller so they could process my transaction.


Neither time did the teller say something like “Yikes, your card is falling apart.  Let me order a new one for you.”  Instead, they simply processed the transaction – the split is just above the magnetic strip, so the card still works.  Then they handed my card back to me, completed the transaction, and sent me on my way.

I’m loyal to my bank.  I have had the same primary checking account since the 1980s.  Of course, over that time, my bank has changed ownership (at least) twice, changed names three times, and has service charged me for anything and everything.  Is this the final straw that sends me to another financial institution?

Probably not.

Changing banks is a tremendous hassle – switching direct deposits, automatic withdrawals, bill payments, getting new checks, new debit cards, and so much more.  And for what?  In the hopes of improved service, a slightly better branch location, or a quarter of a percentage point of interest?

No thank you.  I’ll put up with a lot of disinterested service from my bank to avoid the inconvenience of switching – especially since our increasingly paperless society means I don’t see them that often anymore.

Unfortunately, I think my bank knows this too.


Even if the teller commented on the condition of your card, any offer of card replacement would likely come with a fee. However, the fee likely could be deducted directly from your checking account for your convenience.

I finally got tired of the annoying sales pitches and fees and horrible customer service and made the jump. Even went to a bank with less convenient branches (which I rarely use) and ATMs. It was a hassle to switch stuff over and required A LOT of planning, but I am so much happier!!

What do you think?

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