About This Site

What exactly are you looking at?

Excellent question, dear reader.

This is a site with multiple purposes.  Before we get to the bullet point list of purposes/goals (and you better believe that I love a good bullet point list), let’s start with a quick bio of your humble blogger.

My name is Dave Feit.  I am born, raised, and educated in Nebraska.  I enjoy travel, being with my family, playing cards, and pretty much everything related to my beloved Nebraska Cornhuskers.  I have a beautiful wife, two amazing daughters, and a very handsome son.  All of my children were adopted, and I am a huge proponent of adoption, as well as making adoption easier (and more affordable) for families.

For as long as I can remember, people have told me that I am an excellent writer, which is fortunate as nobody has ever told me that I am skilled at home improvement projects, fixing cars, or most sports.

My writing talents helped me succeed in college (Bachelor of Journalism in Advertising, University of Nebraska, 1997) and in my professional career (a mix of software implementation, account management, documentation (technical and end user) project management, and business analytics).  This site was originally created during a stretch of unemployment from a job that wasn’t all that satisfying.  All of which leads us to the aforementioned bullet points of what I’m looking to accomplish here:

  • Provide me a creative outlet/playground to develop and nurture a writing talent that I’ve been told about by pretty much every teacher, supervisor, family member, and random Facebook friend I have.  There are some recurring topics and themes that you’ll see repeated (hint:  see the links above), but I love having the freedom to write anything that interests, inspires, infuriates, and/or otherwise invades my brain.
  • Provide me with an online resume for the freelance writing jobs I aspire to obtain.  I want to know if I can use my writing talents to bring in money – be it in a full time writing capacity, freelancing for side income, or earning pennies every month because somebody accidentally clicked on an ad.
  • Create a mini-community via the comments where you (the faithful reader) can let me know that my work is a) good, b) crap, c) funny, d) one of the many reasons for my past unemployment, e) something you’d like to hire for your company/website/kid’s birthday party, or f) all of the above.

So that is what we’re all about here at Feit Can Write.  Hopefully you like what I’m doing here.  If so, you can show the love by doing one or more of the following items (brace yourself for another bullet point list):

  • Hire me.  I am available for all types of freelance writing projects.  Drop me an email and we’ll discuss how I can help you.
  • Come back often.  Having you read my posts is an honor.  You can also follow me via WordPress (click the button to the right), Facebook, and/or Twitter.
  • Make it viral.  Share the posts you like with your Facebook friends, email contacts, and other online connections (Twitter, LinkedIn, etc).  Some of my favorite reads are by authors that were initially recommended by friends.
  • Leave a comment.  A virtual pat on the back is nice, but it is always nice to get critical feedback – things you disagree with, things I’m dead wrong on, suggestions for things you’d like to see more of, etc.  I’m usually good about responding back.

Thank you and enjoy!



Thanks for posting the link to my story on the Arkansas situation over on Husker Max. I wrote that line about Houston Nutt without remembering Steve Pedersen’s pursuit of him, but you bring up a good point of what would have happened if he’d come to Lincoln. Likely, Nebraska would have won the Big 12 North in 2004 and would have had a shot at it the following year. Nutt wouldn’t have incurred as much wrath as Callahan did initially, but it’s curious to imagine Pedersen lasting longer in the job because of it! Osborne seems to have been much more effective in raising money in getting stuff done (witness: the basketball practice facility and the arena) and you wonder if the whole Husker athletic department would be as far along as it because of it. Really great debate.

You’re an excellent writer Mr. Feit and I’d like to send you a release that you might want to consider. Pls drop me a line and I’ll explain. Thanks, in advance — Doug Gladstone

Hello. I nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Please stop by and check it out here: http://dressedtoquill.wordpress.com/2012/12/09/so-honored-to-be-nominated/

Dave, how are you?

Good news, we are giving you the “BEST MOMENT AWARD“. Congratulations and enjoy the rest of the day!

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