Thought of the Day – 12/17/11

If you follow the football – or sports in general – you probably know all about Tim Tebow.  I’m not going to recap all of his accomplishments – both on and off the field – but lately he has been leading the Denver Broncos to a series of improbable, come from behind wins.  Pretty amazing stuff, and a great story.

Of course, that is not all. 

No, for all of his football success, Tebow has made just as big of a name for himself due to his very outward religious beliefs.  He praises God in almost every interview.  His frequent on-field prayers – Tebowing, as the kids call it – are both a point of pride for Christians and a source of mockery for Tebow’s numerous detractors.

I’ll spare you my Tebow-specific thoughts*, mainly because I’m not an NFL guy nor do a lot of public discussion of religion.

*And because as a die-hard Nebraska Cornhusker fan I am predisposed to hate any college quarterback who is said to be better than Tommie Frazier, as Tebow was in his Florida days.

But here is my question:

How would our feelings about Tebow change if the faith he wears on his sleeve was something other than Christianity?  What if Tim was a Buddhist, a Jew, or *gasp* a Muslim?

As uncomfortable as a very public display of faith can make us feel, it would be a whole other ballgame if that faith was something other than our nationally accepted religion.

One Comment

There is truth and there are lies. Led by what we want to believe or what satisfies our lives, we fallow what we would like to think and therefore, throw out truth. Having done my own research and followed others research backed up with historical archeology, you can not deny the one truth – Biblical truth. There is way too much to go into it here and a whole other subject in itself. All I can say to those who are uncomfortable with religion; they lack the knowledge that they need to know in order to make the decision for themselves; instead they follow the world view, remaining lost in a confused world. Read the Bible, study the historical facts, compare word for word to other “bibles”, and in the end, tell me what the truth is. I know what the truth is – the Bible – not my pastor, my church, or other churches, nor any other religion. The Bible also backs up everything that has happened in my life that no one else could explain. Great thought for the day! God bless!

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