Tim Tebow

The Worldwide Leader (in beating dead horses)

Things I can remember, but are probably gone forever:

  • MTV showing videos.
  • ESPN’s SportsCenter showing highlights of games without 45 minutes of talking-head analysis.

SportsCenter was on the TV over lunch, and every time I looked up they had some different person on talking about Game 4 of the NBA Finals like it was the World Series of Olympic Super Bowls or something equally earth-shattering*.

*Like Brett Farve discussing a comeback, Tim Tebow being super-awesome, or an SEC team perfecting football.

Look – I get it, the NBA Finals are the championship for one of America’s major professional sports.  It deserves more coverage, insight, and analysis than a regular season between the Royals and Astros.  But it does not need wall-to-wall coverage with 17 different correspondents, reporters, and pundits* shoving their opinions down my throat like it is the gospel truth.

While I’m sure there are folks who want to watch the performance of every player broken down to the most micro of levels – but that should be a separate show on ESPN2, not the flagship program for sports scores and highlights.  For most sports fans, we don’t need to listen to you dissect the trumped-up story lines that you made up two days ago.

*As a side note, I like how ESPN has taken to showing the “resume” for some of their talking heads, such as their playing career or history covering a team or writing for a paper, as if to help boost their credibility.  I just wish that for Tim Legler’s resume they’d include his time with the Omaha Racers of the CBA.

So please, ESPN, let’s try to keep the game analysis to under 20 minutes and devote some time to other sporting events – such as the ones I might have missed while I was watching Game 4 of the NBA Finals.

Thought of the Day – 12/17/11

If you follow the football – or sports in general – you probably know all about Tim Tebow.  I’m not going to recap all of his accomplishments – both on and off the field – but lately he has been leading the Denver Broncos to a series of improbable, come from behind wins.  Pretty amazing stuff, and a great story.

Of course, that is not all. 

No, for all of his football success, Tebow has made just as big of a name for himself due to his very outward religious beliefs.  He praises God in almost every interview.  His frequent on-field prayers – Tebowing, as the kids call it – are both a point of pride for Christians and a source of mockery for Tebow’s numerous detractors.

I’ll spare you my Tebow-specific thoughts*, mainly because I’m not an NFL guy nor do a lot of public discussion of religion.

*And because as a die-hard Nebraska Cornhusker fan I am predisposed to hate any college quarterback who is said to be better than Tommie Frazier, as Tebow was in his Florida days.

But here is my question:

How would our feelings about Tebow change if the faith he wears on his sleeve was something other than Christianity?  What if Tim was a Buddhist, a Jew, or *gasp* a Muslim?

As uncomfortable as a very public display of faith can make us feel, it would be a whole other ballgame if that faith was something other than our nationally accepted religion.

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