Thought of the Day – 12/17/11

If you follow the football – or sports in general – you probably know all about Tim Tebow.  I’m not going to recap all of his accomplishments – both on and off the field – but lately he has been leading the Denver Broncos to a series of improbable, come from behind wins.  Pretty amazing stuff, and a great story.

Of course, that is not all. 

No, for all of his football success, Tebow has made just as big of a name for himself due to his very outward religious beliefs.  He praises God in almost every interview.  His frequent on-field prayers – Tebowing, as the kids call it – are both a point of pride for Christians and a source of mockery for Tebow’s numerous detractors.

I’ll spare you my Tebow-specific thoughts*, mainly because I’m not an NFL guy nor do a lot of public discussion of religion.

*And because as a die-hard Nebraska Cornhusker fan I am predisposed to hate any college quarterback who is said to be better than Tommie Frazier, as Tebow was in his Florida days.

But here is my question:

How would our feelings about Tebow change if the faith he wears on his sleeve was something other than Christianity?  What if Tim was a Buddhist, a Jew, or *gasp* a Muslim?

As uncomfortable as a very public display of faith can make us feel, it would be a whole other ballgame if that faith was something other than our nationally accepted religion.

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