U-Haul Truck-It Challenge Donation Page

U-Haul Truck-It Challenge Donation Page

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Help me get truckin’ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thank you for visiting the donation page for the Feit Can Write U-Haul Truck-it Challenge – a challenge to help me move from one house to another without a) having to do all the work myself and b) having to pay hundreds of dollars for movers.

By now, I’m sure you are familiar with the challenge.  And since you are on this page, I can only assume that you have made the wise decision to buy your way out of helping a friend in need.  No judgement, I’d probably do the same thing myself.  Get that credit/debit card ready!

Clearly, actually collecting donations to pay for my move would put me in the express lane to hell.  So here are a couple of alternatives for the $10 you are apparently ready to donate:

Amytotrophic Lateral Sclerosis:  ALS Ice Bucket mania was the inspiration for this spoof, so it’s only fair that they get first crack at your money.

Alzheimer’s Association:  Alzheimer’s is a cruel bastard of a disease than no family should have to face.

American Heart Association:  Heart disease kills the men in my family.  It will probably kill me too.

Food Bank of Lincoln:  Far too many children and families are going hungry in my hometown.  If you want to donate, chose my employer (DataBank IMX) from the drop-down.

Team Jack:  Nebraskans should be well aware of Jack Hoffman’s ongoing battle with pediatric brain cancer.  If you’re not, read about this special family here.

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