Redundancy With Friends

Recently, I saw one of the stupidest product announcements I’ve ever seen:  A new board game based on Words With Friends.

All together now…


Whew.  Sorry for shouting there, but c’mon.  This is such a dumb idea that I was initially convinced that it was a hoax/prank.

So let’s see…a popular board game is ripped off to become a popular online game, which is now going to be made into…a board game.  This just makes my head hurt.

Based on this, I’ll be expecting the following products to be launched soon:

  • A print edition of Wikipedia (printed in erasable ink, naturally)
  • Gmail postage stamps
  • An Amazon.com catalog and/or retail store
  • The eBay Garage Sale kit
  • iTunes Mix Tape creator tape deck
  • Memory cards for your digital camera designed to replicate the film experience – they only hold 24 or 36 pictures and you cannot view the pictures until 1 hour after you drop off the memory card at Walgreens.
  • 1-800-GOOGLE (live operators are standing by)

What other technical de-vances have I missed?

How to win at “Words With Friends”

When I got my smart phone a few months ago, one of the first apps I downloaded was Words With Friends, a great game that has all of the fun of Scrabble without the watching paint dry boredom that comes from waiting for your opponent to play.  I was hooked after my first game, and now Words is a big part of my online day.  I’m playing against high school classmates, college buddies, and people on both coasts.

One of the reasons I like Words With Friends so much is because I’m good at it.  I am not a boastful person by nature, so let’s just say that I do alright in my games.  Words doesn’t have a stats feature (which the nerd in me would really love) but I would modestly guess that I win over 80% of my games.  And trust me – it is definitely NOT because I’m playing against a bunch of idiots.  While a big chunk of WWF success comes down to luck – having the right letter(s) at the right time – the majority of wins and losses comes down to the skill of the player.

Here are my 10 ways to win at Words With Friends:

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