Thought of the Day – 6/12/2012

I see that a Facebook friend has recently viewed* a video entitled:  “Best Pimple Pop Ever!”

*I should probably say “allegedly” viewed.  I’m not sure that I believe my friends are watching some of the videos that this Socialcam app/scam/virus claims they watch.  If so, I may need to take a closer look at my list of friends.

This is the not the first time that Facebook has tried to tempt me with a pimple popping video, which raises two questions:

1) When faced with a large zit (or other volcano of dermatological horrors) who says to themselves:  “You know, I should record this moment and post it on the web.”?  Do you really want to be recognized at Wal-Mart as the guy who had the zit the size of a ping-pong ball on your shoulder?

2) Do people really seek out and view videos of folks squeezing pus and other grossness from their bodies?  47 million videos on the web, and you pick these?  Really?  Are you trying to find out when your gag reflex* kicks in?

*Speaking of which, my apologies to anybody reading this over your lunch hour.  Sorry.

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