Thought of the Day – 11/21/11

Most of the nation’s companies are 95% focused on Christmas – even though it is still the middle of November.

That is why I love the Food Network.  Right now, they could give a crap about Christmas.  For them it is all Thanksgiving, all the time.  From dawn til dusk one of their culinary celebrities is brining, roasting, smoking, deep-frying, eating, or talking about turkey.  If not, then it is the secret ingredient for a cooking challenge or the inspiration for cupcakes, ginormous cakes, or some other crazy concoction.

And sure, Food Network’s focus is pretty elementary (Thanksgiving being the biggest food holiday of the year and all), but I am thankful that there is one place in the world that has not already moved on to Christmas – even if all of their ads are for Black Friday sales.

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