Thanksgiving dinner

Being Thankful for Perspective

A couple of weeks ago, I had a fun idea for a post.

Many of my Facebook friends have been doing the November “30 Days of Thankful” thing where they post a daily status of things they are thankful for. ┬áThat is very nice and sweet, so clearly I saw a good opportunity to do a snarky “30 Days of No Thanks” post where I come up with 30 things that I am not thankful for (example: ┬árunny, stinky blowout poops from my three month old daughter)*.

*And let’s be honest here – I fully reserve the right to do that post next year.

But I have witnessed two things in the last ten days that have changed my mind and made me think that being a flippant smart ass about the numerous blessings in my life is not the way to go this year.

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