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Thought of the Day – 1/24/12

How much has the roadtrip changed in my lifetime?

Growing up my family took several long driving trips, going from Nebraska to all four corners of the country.  In those days, we passed the time with books, magazines, a deck of cards, car games, cassette tapes, and a black and white tv that plugged into the cigarette lighter.  On a good day you could get 20 minutes of a show while driving thru a city – all on a four inch screen.

Today, things are different.  I spent the last few days at a work meeting in Minnesota.  To pass the 7 hour drive my colleagues and I used laptops, ipads, the in-car tv screens, satellite radio, mobile hotspots, smart phones, an ipod, and even an xbox to pass the time.

This post?  Coming to you from I-80 somewhere in Iowa via the WordPress app on my smartphone.  And that is only because I did not feel like getting out my laptop.

Sure beats Travel Bingo…

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