Spring Scrimmage Do’s and Don’ts

It is good to have expectations.  And there is nothing wrong with having high expectations.  But most importantly, it is vital to have rational expectations.

Why the expecting talk?  The Nebraska Red-White Scrimmage is tomorrow.  And that is one of those events that can easily be blown out of proportion if one’s expectations are too high or too low.  Therefore, I’d like to help Husker fans attending the scrimmage or watching later on TV have the proper expectations.  Below is a handy do and don’t guide to maximize your enjoyment of the Red-White Scrimmage:

DO – take your kids.  You’ll spend less in concessions for your family than you would for a single ticket in the fall, the seating should be ample, and the weather should (hopefully) be nice.  This is a great time to expose the little ones to the magic of Husker football in a relaxed setting, where it won’t really matter if they get bored and want to go home at halftime.

DON’T – refer to this as a “game”.  It is not a game.  Yes, they will keep score, record stats, and there will be exhaustive coverage, but this is more of a gloried practice the public pays to watch than an actual game.

DO – expect the performance to be less than crisp.  This is the 15th practice since December, and the first time out in front of a crowd since the bowl game.  It is likely to be a little sloppy at times.

DON’T – expect Taylor Martinez to look like Peyton Manning, Dan Marino, or Joe Montana.  According to reports, the footwork should be improved, which may mean his passing motion is better.  But I don’t think he’s ever going to look like an NFL QB throwing the ball.  (and that’s okay).

DO – expect to see a lot of rushing yards.  The offenses will be vanilla, Aaron Green and Ameer Abdullah are fighting for the backup job, and most notably – there are very, very few healthy defensive linemen available to keep blockers off of a fairly shallow linebacking corps playing without Lavonte David.

DON’T – expect to see a lot out of Rex Burkhead or Martinez.  They don’t have too much to prove, their backups need work more than they do, and getting either of them hurt could be disastrous.

DO – expect a big play or large numbers put up by some guy you’ve never heard of, or who hasn’t done anything before.  The history of the Red-White scrimmage is loaded with amazing performances by guys who (for whatever reason) never carry their success over to the fall.

DON’T – buy into the message board and radio hype that this guy will be All Conference this fall.

DO – heartily applaud a kid who is making a lifetime of memories for himself and the small Nebraska town he came from.

DON’T – read too much into anything you see.  Ron Kellogg passes for 3 TDs?  Nice, but he’s not likely a threat to Carnes, and definitely not Martinez.  The offense or defense looks sloppy?  It doesn’t mean a 6 loss season is coming.  I hate to repeat myself, but I cringe when players are hyped up due to recruiting clips, Red-White game numbers, or message board dreams only to be torn down when they have a bad game.  This is just a snapshot in time, not a Farmer’s Almanac of what’s to come this fall.

DO – enjoy the day.  Other than the random game replay on BTN, this is your last solid Husker fix until August.

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