Keep Calm and…

Ever since the London Olympics this summer, the “Keep Calm” posters (based upon a WWII-era propaganda poster) have been all the rage.

With a pretty simple template, everybody and their mother has their own version of the meme.  Frankly, I think the majority of them are rather stupid, but to each their own.

But as a parent who has adopted twice, this one really hits the nail on the head.

Yep. That pretty much describes the adoption process (image via:

I’m re-posting* this from, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite adoption reads.  The author adopted a beautiful little guy from Africa and her perspective and empathy for all sides of the adoption triad (birth mother, child, adoptive family) is a standard I aspire to achieve.  Highly recommended.

*”Re-posting” being a fancy blogging term for “stealing your work, but with a citation.”

This poster really speaks to me.  Adoption can be a long, stressful, process where the only certainty is uncertainty (along with more paperwork).

For us, many of the forms we filled out felt like rude inconveniences designed to constantly remind us that the only way infertile folks like us could start a family was by jumping through a bunch of ridiculous hoops (immunization records for the cat?  Really?) and proving things (physical and mental health, job stability, financial well-being, lack of criminal record, that we were legally married, etc.) that people like OctoMom and Honey Boo-Boo’s mom never had to worry about.

Throughout the mountains of paperwork we completed, we tried to remind ourselves that the stacks of papers were a necessary evil, as the primary concern of everybody involved – us, the birth family, the adoption agency, and the numerous governmental agencies – was to ensure the child is safe, secure, and gets the best parent(s) possible.

But it sure would have been nice to reference this poster while we were going through the process.

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