Thought of the Day – 5/30/2012

I see that some guy named Philip Phillips won American Idol.  I don’t watch a lot of America’s favorite karaoke competition so I couldn’t tell you if he is talented and headed for super-stardom or if he going to be the obscure answer to a trivia question.  Frankly, all of that is unimportant to me.

But Mr. Phillips reminds me of something I’ve thought about in the past:

Why the heck do parents give their kids the same (or very similar) first name to their last name?

I mean, you’ve got Philip Phillips, and in previous careers I have talked to Ed Edwards, Bill Williams, Jonathan Johnson, and Fred Fredricksen.

As a writer*, I totally get the appeal of amazingly awesome alliteration.  But seriously, who does that to their kids?

*And by “writer” I mean “random guy whose free blog has a moderately clever title.”

The other thing about this double naming phenomena that I find interesting?  You rarely see women (married or single) with a double name.  I cannot think of a single one.

Rejected Baby Names

One of the cool things about having kids is getting to name them.  My wife and I were planning to adopt a girl this past December, so we had been picking out girl’s names.  That plan fell through, but we recently adopted a baby boy on fairly short notice, so we had to come up with a name fairly quickly*

*Who am I kidding – we’ve been coming up with names for pretty much the entire time we have been married, 8 years in April.

As we toss names around, we will “veto” names that we don’t like – a nod to a classic Friends episode.

As tough as it is to find names that we both like, there is an additional layer of challenge – my last name (Feit) can be used as a noun and a verb.  Why does that matter?  Unless we want our daughter to be a living Bart Simpson prank phone call, there are certain names that are off-limits*.

  • Amanda Feit
  • Ivanna Feit
  • Anita Feit
  • Pillow Feit (this is what we told my sister-in-law the little girl’s name was going to be)
  • Faith Feit
  • Mae Feit
  • Betty Feit
  • Serenity Feit

Here is the list of rejected boys names:

  • Will Feit
  • Dick Feit
  • Adam Feit
  • Hunter Feit
  • Diego Feit
  • Forrest Feit
  • Texas Feit
  • Holden Feit

*My sincere apologies to any Feits (related or not) who have any of the names above.  I’m just having fun.  No offense intended.

For our son, we settled on Cameron Edward Feit.

What other names should be on the list?

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