Mother Earth

An Autumnal Yawn

An Autumnal Yawn

It has been
a very long day.
Stretching over the course of minutes
and months.

Mother Earth awoke early
and put on her bright spring colors.
Life sprang from every corner.
Beautiful, new, and full of potential.

She basked in a warm, and fruitful summer.
The glory of endless day and sunshine
nourishing her creations and growing them strong.
But now is theĀ time to reap her bounty.

She slips into her autumnal gown
colored in warm hues of red, orange, and gold.
The colors of sunset;
of the end of the day.
She yawns
and knows the long night will soon be here.

Mother Earth walks to her garden
Green grass browning at her feet
Daylight is growing short.
She must harvest before the cold winter sets in.

Her work complete, Mother Earth heads home
She will celebrate the day
with a feast of Thanksgiving
And then settle in
for the long, coldĀ sleep.

She dreams of a new day.
Where she can put on her
bright spring colors
and face the warm sun once more.

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