Million Dollars

Thought of the Day – 08/11/2013 – Money for Naked Ladies

Did the Barenaked Ladies ever earn a million dollars?  Given their long careers and success, I’m guessing they did.  So assuming they have made at least a million bucks, did they buy all of the things they said they would get (such as a nice chesterfield, pre-wrapped sausages, a Garfunkel, or a green dress*)?

*But not a real green dress, that’s cruel.

I truly hope they did.  And not just because they’d be hypocrites for not doing the things they said they’d do from the very song that helped them earn a good chunk of their money – but seriously, why tell me you’re going to buy a monkey if you’re not going to do it, unless maybe your lease doesn’t allow pets.

Stack O'Money!

No, I hope they are enjoying fancy Dijon ketchups and such, because those of us who are not millionaires expect those of you with money to do the things we cannot – enjoy the finer things that your hard work (or your cheesy pop song) helped earn.

Besides, haven’t you always wanted a monkey?

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