Firmly Close the Door

Put the wheels in motion.
Move beyond your fears
and firmly close the door
on a very hard year.

Those lyrics are from a song called “New Year’s Eve” by The Nadas – one of my favorite bands (and somebody you really need to check out.  Seriously.  Do it.)

How can I put this politely…2011 was a complete and utter turd of a year. 

Sure, there were definitely some great moments:  I earned my first professional writing job, I started this blog which has been more enjoyable than expected, and there are thousands of smiles and laughs inspired by my wife and daughter.  These things (and countless more that I am forgetting) make me a very lucky man.

Yet…when I look back on 2011, I’m likely to remember the bad things that happened, the sad things that happened, the unexpected things that happened.  I won’t go into exhaustive detail, but the lowlights include:  putting my beloved dog to sleep, being unemployed for over 2 months, having emergency back surgery (again), and learning of our failed adoption (and corresponding financial hit) via Facebook. 

The sad truth is the bad outweighed the good this year.  And I know that I am far from alone in that.

That is why New Year’s Eve really speaks to a lot of people.  Yes, for most it is an excuse to go out*, fight the crowds, and spend inflated prices for deflated champagne. 

*”Amateur Night” as my sister calls it.  P.S – Get a designated driver or call a cab you lightweights.

But for others, it is an opportunity.  A chance to erase bad habits, reboot your life, and “firmly close the door on a very hard year.”

I hope you’ll take four minutes to listen to the beautiful song below* and know that “everybody tries a little more on New Year’s Eve”.

*And if you wanted to buy/download their music – or check them out on Spotify – that would be okay too.  This is some good music.  If you’re not listening, you are missing out.

Thought of the Day – 10/19/11

To:  Manfred Mann
CC:  Earth Band

Reply To:  Feit Can Write

Subject:  Blinded by the Light

Dear Mr. Mann,

There is no chance that you will ever convince me that you are singing “revved up like a deuce”.  Ever.


Feit Can Write

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