Ad Review – Nebraska Lottery

This morning I was driving the little one to daycare when a commercial came on the radio.  Usually at that point, I’ll change the station, as the young-in loves music and will dance in her carseat if a beat catches her.  But at the time, I was calling Mom on a green princess phone (sometimes it is just easier to play along with them), so the station stayed the same.

One of the commercials we heard was one by the Nebraska Lottery.  This was not the usual Lottery ad (“Spend your paycheck on scratch-off tickets!!!  The odds still stink, but they have pictures of Larry the Cable Guy, Ford Trucks, or KISS on them!!!”)* 

*I’m no market researcher or demographics guru, but I can’t help but notice a common thread between scratch-off lottery ticket themes.  Let me put it another way:  when was the last time you saw a scratch-off ticket with Warren Buffett, Lexus SUVs, or the Three Tenors on them?

No, this particular ad was a kinder, nobler ad.  It was touting (bragging?) how all of those losing tickets end up helping projects all across the state.  Quite frankly, I’m perfectly okay with this type of ad, as it is nice to hear about the good things the scratch-off tax is providing.  The tone was very straight-forward with an announcer reading off a list of ways the Lottery is help.  All good.  And while patting themselves on the back, the announcer says proceeds from the lottery “impact all 94 counties in Nebraska.

One small problem:  there are “only” 93 counties in Nebraska.

Now I get that mistakes happen, and if a big city agency is doing the creative work for the lottery, their employees might consider Nebraska nothing more than fly-over country.  But the agency doing the Lottery’s ads is based in Omaha.  Since I wouldn’t mind working in advertising down the road, I’m not going to name names (but if you really want to know, I suggest a Goggle search for “ad agency for nebraska lottery”).  For an error like this to get through a Nebraska ad agency (presumably, employing at least one Nebraska native), a State of Nebraska agency (again, presumably employing at least one Nebraska native) and who knows how many other sets of ears, that shows either a lack of attention or a complete failure by our education system.

And I’d wager a big stack of Tick-Tack-Toe Rodeo scratchers on the teachers doing their job correctly.

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