Rejected Slogans for Lincoln’s Rebranding

The City of Lincoln (Nebraska) kicked off a new branding campaign today.  The goal is to show that Lincoln is a place where “you can be successful, comfortable and have fun.”

The campaign will include traditional methods (signs, concerts, corporate involvement) as well as things that are a little more outside the box (social media, unique contests, and “guerilla gardening”*).

*No, Lincoln will not be raising primates or militant rebel forces.  Guerilla gardening refers to citizens planting flowers in places the city does not take care of – like most city parks, side streets, and the Pershing Center.

The slogan they came up with is “Life is Right”, which was described as “meaning things are good,  authentic, balanced and fun here.”  Personally, I think that slogan is a) rather generic, and b) hints a little too closely at the highly conservative nature of Nebraskans (and their political leanings).

But mainly, I’m bummed that my suggestions were vetoed….

  1. One of the Top 10 Cities in the U.S.*    (*named after the 16th President)
  2. Life is Right – Just ask Mikey!
  3. Lincoln – No four lane north/south roads between 10th and 84th Street!
  4. Home of the 2nd (and 3rd) largest cities in Nebraska!
  5. The same gas found in Omaha, but 12 cents more per gallon!
  6. Unabashedly against abortion, gay rights, taxes, and immigrants!
  7. Where a three-week street project takes six months to complete!
  8. We wanted “Price is Right” to showcase the relatively low-cost of living, but that idea was spayed and neutered.
  9. Omaha’s Awkward Baby Brother!
  10. Come for the football, stay because of the unsynchronized stop lights!
  11. Smothering humidity, freezing cold, tornadoes, rain, and snow – sometimes on the same day!
  12. It’s like a small town, but with three Wal-Marts!
  13. Did we mention that we’re getting a Whole Foods?
  14. We guarantee you’ll know somebody who works at Bryan, UNL, Fiserv, Ameritas, or LPS.
  15. Lincoln – Stove pipe hat and beard optional   (but strongly recommended)
  16. More orange construction barrels per capita than any other city!
  17. Come see where the State Fair used to be!
  18. Where 30 minutes is considered a long commute
  19. Lincoln the automobile is a fancy Ford.  Lincoln the city is a fancy Fargo.
  20. Lincoln – Much more than Logs and Assassinated Presidents!
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