Thought of the Day – 7/25/2013 – Do You Believe in Magic?

Top hat as an icon for magic

Hey Rocky!  Watch me pull a post out of my hat!


There are five different types of magicians in the world.  In order of least to most impressive, there are:


1.  Stand Up Magicians – That lame magician at your kid’s birthday party who pulls rabbits out of hats.  (Hopefully while the rabbit is still alive).


2.  Street Magicians – The guys like David Blaine who perform various tricks and illusions out on the street while their “assistants” pick your pocket.


3.  Stage illusionists – Performers like David Copperfield who do grandiose stunts like making an aircraft carrier disappear.


4.  Escape Artists – Put Harry Houdini in a straight jacket, wrap that up in chains, put that in a box, and toss the whole works in the ocean.  Fifteen minutes later, he walks on stage, perfectly dry, eating a ham sandwich.


5.  Women* who are capable of folding a fitted bed sheet into flat, uniform shape that looks like it just came out of the package.  In other words, anything other than the jangled wad of Egyptian cotton that I shove into the drawer on laundry day.


*Call me sexist for assuming that only women are capable of properly folding a fitted sheet, but I have never met a man who is capable of such sorcery.  Or at least one who is willing to admit it.


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