Late Night

The Party of the Year

I just attended a very exclusive, V.I.P.-only*, late night blowout party.

Even though I’m 15 years removed from college, it is refreshing to see that some things never change in the after-hours party scene:
Party All Night (Sleep All Day)

  • The lighting was dim.
  • There was talk of getting out a bottle of the good stuff.
  • Some of the other guests were already cashed out for the night.
  • The odds are good that somebody will lose their pants.
  • I caught myself looking a clock, wondering “what am I doing up at this hour?”.
  • At one point, that guy who doesn’t say much was staggering around in circles.
  • A foul smell and/or a mysterious wet patch was discovered.
  • Which led to finding some nasty mess that needed to be cleaned up ASAP.
  • You end up slowly rocking back and forth with a little cutie in  your arms.
  • The success or failure of your night is determined by what time you go to bed.

There were a couple of notable differences between tonight’s blowout bash and the ones I attended in my college days.  Specifically, tonight it was just me and my 10 month old son.  He had pooped out of his jammies, so I got to clean him up, change him, put a new sheet on the crib, and get him back to sleep before I could consider going to bed.

*Yep, “V.I.P.” stood for Very Important Parent.  Sneaky little bugger, aren’t I?  I’m pretty damn clever at 1:30 am.

As I held my boy and started to rock him back to sleep, he looked right at me with his big brown inquisitive eyes.  I was a little afraid that the clean-up process had woken him up, and I was going to have to launch the 14-step “Get Baby To Sleep” battle plan.

Instead, he laid his head down on my shoulder, and did one of my absolute favorite things:  he exhaled and sank his body onto me, half hugging me, and half falling asleep in my arms.

And I knew this party beat all of the parties I attended back in college – even if I did get poop on my fingers.

Sandy’s Audience

Yesterday, with the mega-Franken-hurri-storm-of-the-Century-cane attacking the east coast, a number of TV shows taped in New York City were cancelled.  Two notable exceptions – The Late Show with David Letterman, and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon – kept their shows going, but did so without studio audiences.

The results were fascinating.

This piece from Slate has some video clips of what viewers saw – an odd attempt to hold a normal show under very unique circumstances.  Obviously, the most noticeable difference was the lack of a studio audience.  You could tell both Letterman and Fallon missed the laughter, applause, and other feedback they get from their audience.  Fallon especially – he performs his monologue like normal, but you can see how the lack of laughter really throws off his timing and makes him uncomfortably nervous – which in turn makes for interesting TV.

As for Letterman, apparently the guy who does the graphics for the Top Ten list couldn’t make it in to work, so they went decidedly low-tech:  the opening title and each of the Top 10 Rejected Names for the Storm were written in marker on poster board.  Letterman’s interview with Denzel Washington (a pretty big name for such an odd show) was even more casual than the typical talk show interview.

The whole experience was unique, memorable, and slightly surreal.  Watching The Roots laugh heartily at Fallon’s awkward monologue and seeing a very relaxed Denzel slouching on Dave’s couch transformed the shows from two popular late night shows to their elemental state:  a random cable-access talk show with good guests and house band.  In other words, it was like Wayne’s World filmed in the Ed Sullivan Theater.

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