Letter V, Letter V. Whisper Words of Wisdom, Letter V (V)

I love playing Words With Friends.

And I’ll be honest, I like to think I’m pretty darn good* at it.

*Unless, of course, I’m playing my buddy Emo.  E kicks my butt.  Regularly, and with military precision.

I know multiple ways to play a Q without an U, I can dominate triple words, and I treat S and blanks like the winning lottery tickets they are.  Heck, it’s like I wrote the definitive guide* on How To Win at Words With Friends.

*Definitely the definitive guide on this website, and likely the best one that Bing can find.

But there is one thing that trips me up and leads me into a mild state of panic:

The two V tiles in every game.  I dread getting a V.  I struggle to play them, and it feels like I’m stuck with them for round after round until dump them for a relatively low point play.

v   v   v

I wish I knew what kind of voodoo vex  the letter V has placed on me.  When I view one in my rack, my vision enters a vortex of vertigo, a volley of vulgar words invade my brain.  I vary on if I want to vomit or feel like drinking a vat of vegan vodka.

Why such venom and vitriol for V?  Why does it create a void on my vibe, a virtual volume of viruses than visit me like visions of seventy-five vomiting virgins?  How to voice the very bad vibes of V?

Invariably, it is because my visions of V (playing very valuable words like Valence, Voyager, Varactor, or Variant) vanish into vapid voids of three-letter words (Van!  Vat!  Vet!) and four letter words that end in -AVE, -IVE, or -OVE.

In other words, I want to be on the V varsity, where my Vees and vowels combine to vaunt the velvety velour of my verbal vitality.  Instead, my plays are vanilla and reveal a virtuoso virility somewhere between an MTV veejay and a piece of veal.

Maybe it is my vanity, but I’d like to believe that I have the mental vitality, the voracity of vocabulary to vend my Vees with valor and velocity.

Stupid V

Is there a vaccine for my barely visible V vocab, or do I need to vary the voltage valve on my vanity?  Is there a vehicle to veer me away from the three-letter void I vanish into?  A viral video I can view?

Perhaps if I took my Visa to a vendor of verbs I could alter the vector of my V viscosity.  Is there a personal V valet  I can hire that works for Velveeta, vitamins, and vegetables?  Can I balance on the verge of vulgarity and only play words like vagina and vulva?*  Am I being to vague?

*Sorry Mom.

This is what vexes me.  I value the vast volume of vertical space on my Words With Friends board.  Therefore I vow to vastly boost my V valor with a veritable variety of vigor, Eddie Vedder vinyl, and box vino from a vintner in a villa by Valentine, Neb.

I’m vying for victory, as well as the vase of virtual violets bestowed upon the victor via a visage of violins and violas.

Or, if I ignore all of this I can play “ROVE” for like eight points.  That’s pretty good, isn’t it?

v   v   v

(Author’s note:  Wondering why there is a random letter in parentheses in the title of this post?  Not sure how this post corresponds to the daily letter in the April A to Z Challenge?  Like clicking on links?  These questions are all answered here.)

Thought of the Day – 9/12/2012

Is there another word in the English language with two more disparate meanings than “curb”?

Curb is either a noun describing the raised edge of a street.


A verb describing the act of picking up your dog’s poop from somebody’s yard.

Thought of the Day – 7/5/2012

Today’s thought is “It’s been a while since I made up a new word”  So…

Mondéjà vu

[muhn-dey-zhah voo] noun

Definition:  The feeling of having two Mondays in the same work week.  Commonly caused by going to work on Monday, being out for a day or two (due to vacation, illness, holiday, travel, etc.) and returning to work in the same week.  Mondéjà vu is typically marked with low productivity, discussions about recent personal activities, and general avoidance of work.


“I worked Monday, had Tuesday and Wednesday off, and now my Thursday feels like a second Monday.  It’s Mondéjà vu all over again!”

“With the Fourth of July on a Wednesday, I have a horrible case of Mondéjà vu today – I just can’t get going”.

Language Abuse

One of the little things that drives me up a wall is people who abuse words* – robbing them of their proper meaning.

For example, you ask?

Take the word “desperately”.  It seems like every few days I run into somebody who wants to castrate all of the meaning from desperately.  They’ll say things like:

“I desperately need to get my hair cut.”


“I need a night out, desperately.”

Look – the only things you need “desperately” are oxygen and water – and you can go a while without water.

So knock it off.

*Obligatory disclaimer – If you are guilty of abusing this (or any other word that I may choose to write about later), please take no offense.  But seriously, stop it.

Thought of the Day – 10/20/11

Why are people always trying to do things without further ado?  Are we just being lazy, or is it because of the down economy?

Quite frankly, there are times when I would appreciate some good ado – further or otherwise.

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