Mondeja Vu All Over Again

Due to an extreme lack of vacation days, I’m one of about five people in my office today.  As such, I get to experience one of the worst phenomena of a holiday week – a Friday after a holiday.

Instead of a super awesome four-day weekend, I’m in the office trying to focus on projects, billable hours, and other minutiae of corporate life.

In short, I have a nasty case of Mondéjà vu.*

*Yes, that’s a thing.  I should know, I invented it.

I knew I was in trouble from the moment my alarm clock went off.  For some reason, today is the first time it dawned on me that my wake-up time (7:07 am) is LOL upside down.

That’s just a rude way to start the day.

Damn you, clock.

Being Thankful for Perspective

A couple of weeks ago, I had a fun idea for a post.

Many of my Facebook friends have been doing the November “30 Days of Thankful” thing where they post a daily status of things they are thankful for.  That is very nice and sweet, so clearly I saw a good opportunity to do a snarky “30 Days of No Thanks” post where I come up with 30 things that I am not thankful for (example:  runny, stinky blowout poops from my three month old daughter)*.

*And let’s be honest here – I fully reserve the right to do that post next year.

But I have witnessed two things in the last ten days that have changed my mind and made me think that being a flippant smart ass about the numerous blessings in my life is not the way to go this year.

Thought of the Day – 7/5/2012

Today’s thought is “It’s been a while since I made up a new word”  So…

Mondéjà vu

[muhn-dey-zhah voo] noun

Definition:  The feeling of having two Mondays in the same work week.  Commonly caused by going to work on Monday, being out for a day or two (due to vacation, illness, holiday, travel, etc.) and returning to work in the same week.  Mondéjà vu is typically marked with low productivity, discussions about recent personal activities, and general avoidance of work.


“I worked Monday, had Tuesday and Wednesday off, and now my Thursday feels like a second Monday.  It’s Mondéjà vu all over again!”

“With the Fourth of July on a Wednesday, I have a horrible case of Mondéjà vu today – I just can’t get going”.

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