Rejected Nebraska Football Celebrations

Due to a worldwide helium shortage, the Nebraska football tradition of releasing red balloons after the first score is going away – possibly forever.  While Nebraska does have enough helium on hand to continue the tradition for one more game (Nebraska’s Sept. 1 season opener against Southern Mississippi), the university is looking into other ways to honor or replace the balloons.

However, not all of the ideas are going to be tested this fall.  Among the rejects:

  • Lil’ Red does a dance routine to 99 Luftballoons.
  • Firing automatic weapons into the air – ala Middle Eastern guerrillas
  • Fill balloons with water and let the students go at it (re-rejected due to the drought and mandatory water restrictions in Lincoln)
  • Entire stadium tweets:  “Touchdown!  Touchdown!  Touchdown!  #balloons  #Huskers”
  • UNL fraternities release blow up dolls.
  • Stadium-wide Chase Daniel tribute.
  • Silly String.
  • Students from the 1980’s throw oranges on the field.
  • 5,000 red balloons dropped from B-2 bomber.
  • Der Viener Schlinger retrofitted to become a confetti cannon.
  • Ushers bring a bottle of Buttershots to each row.  Take a nip and pass ‘er down.
  • Larry the Cable Guy leads fans in a rousing “Git ‘er Done!” cheer from his skybox.
  • Cally the Clown (who bears an uncanny resemblance to former coach Bill Callahan) uses balloons to craft a replica of the opposing team’s mascot (Wolverine, Badger, whatever the heck Idaho State’s mascot is).  Cally is then tackled by Eric Martin, and the balloon animal is popped in the mayhem.
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