hand sanitizer

Germ Warfare

The bottle of hand sanitizer at my desk claims it will kill “99.99% of germs”.  That is nice – not because I live in constant fear of germs, sickness caused by germs, Germans, germination, German short-haired pointers, or anything else germane to the discussion – but because that is what I expect sanitizer to do.

I expect sanitizer to make my hands clean, smelling slightly like rubbing alcohol, and help me locate any cuts or scratches that I was not previously aware of.  But what about the 0.01% of germs that make it past the sanitizer’s defenses.  How do I stop these germs?  Or do I constantly live in fear of some super septic that seeks to wreak havoc on my body?

I generally subscribe to the George Carlin theory about germs and role our immune system should play in keeping us healthy.  (Caution – George uses words that are not friendly for most workplaces / young ears).

But if that doesn’t work, maybe I could defend myself with a German Sheperd?

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