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Thought of the Day – 6/8/2013 – National Doughnut Day

I missed it.

I missed National Doughnut Day.

It’s not like I need an excuse to enjoy a good cake doughnut (with chocolate icing and sprinkles), a cream filled long john, or even a good apple fritter (it’s like pie….for breakfast!), but I feel like I missed out on a patriotic duty* or something.

*Because really, what’s more American than a day celebrating fried dough covered in a sugar concoction?  Nothing – at least until McDonald’s starts including fireworks and beer with their Extra Value Meals.

Here’s the problem with National Doughnut Day…nobody really knows when it is.  Wikipedia says it is celebrated on the first Friday in June, but who is going to remember that*

*And when are calendar makers going to give this holiday the recognition it deserves.  If Groundhog’s Day and Arbor Day make the calendar, then Doughnut Day should too.

The Patron Saint of Donuts


My solution:  change the date.  Find a date that people associate with doughnuts.

What date is that you ask?  I’ve got two suggestions:

  • August 8:  8/8 just looks like four delicious doughnuts sitting on a plate.


  • October 10:  10/10 gives you two doughnuts and two long johns.

I’m partial to the August date (mainly because a free doughnut the day before my birthday would be pretty sweet), but I’ll gladly listen to the Long John lobby and hear what they have to say.  Heck, you could even replace the / with a period and get those little donut holes in on it too.

National Doughnut Day should be a day of coming together from all sides of the fryer to celebrate the sweeter things in life.



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