End of Year Blowout!!!

We’re all friends here, so I’ll cut straight to the chase….

A year ago, I set some goals for what I wanted to accomplish with this little ol’ blog.  I won’t go into the raw numbers, but I had some rather advantageous goals for views, followers gained, and content posted.

I’ve knocked the first two out of the park (and a very sincere, heartfelt thank you to those of you who helped make that happen), but I’m a little short on the posts goal.  I’ll be honest, I’ve known for most of the month that I was going to need two or three more to reach the bar I set.  That is fairly easy to do, so I didn’t feel bad taking some time off and focusing on Christmas and spending time with family.

But I miscalculated.  I’m six short.

What does that mean for you, dear reader?  Well, it means that I’m going to be going through my backlog of drafts, notes, and the deepest recesses of my brain, in an attempt to crank out six* blog posts in the next 23 hours and change.  To ramp up the degree of difficulty, I’ll be spending the day with my two kids (4 and 9 months) as daycare is closed, and I’m pretty sure my wife would greatly appreciate it if the house is clean(ish) when she gets home from work.

So I would like to apologize in advance for the avalanche of emails/Facebook posts/new content that I’ll be publishing today.  But I’ve put a lot of effort into getting this close and I’m not going to fall short if I can help it.  Rest assured, I’ll do my best to make sure what I’m putting out is not crap for the sake of hitting a number.

*Technically five more blog posts in the next 23 hours, as you can bet your ass I’m counting this disclaimer/apology towards the magic number.

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