Thought of the Day – 9/20/2012

I saw a guy today who was riding a bike and smoking a cigarette.

I wonder what the rest of his work-out routine looks like….

  • Walking on the treadmill with a six-pack of Budweiser?
  • Jumping rope with a Super Rope?
  • Watching The Biggest Loser with a bucket of chicken?
  • 5K runs? (With the “K’s” being Krispy Kreme, Kit-Kat, and Klondike bar)
  • Deep fat fried salad?
  • Gatorade and vodka?
  • Recliner aerobics?


Biking is Good Exercise

The other day, I was walking back to the office after lunch through downtown Lincoln.  I was in a blissfully unaware state between food coma* and lost in my thoughts, when something in the corner of my eye made me stop and do a double-take.

*Thanks to the deliciousness of the cheesy pulled pork sandwich (with the Spicy Thai Chili BBQ sauce) at C. Berry’s.  Crazy good.

I turned and saw a bike rack on the sidewalk.  That is not terribly uncommon for a college town like Lincoln.  What got my attention was what was on the bike rack.


I stood there for a minute and just laughed at the absolute absurdity of an old-school exercise bike on a bike rack*.

*And locked up, at that.  I guess you can’t be too careful on the mean streets of Lincoln, NE. 

What has stuck with me is a) how this bike got there, and b) why?

I can definitely see some college kids doing it as a semi-sober prank / stunt.  I’m pretty sure the College-Aged me would have found this idea hysterical after a few Busch Lights*, and would have participated.

*Don’t judge – I was not flush with cash in college, and Busch Light was the official cheap beer of choice at the University of Nebraska.

And I can also see it as some sort of public art piece / social commentary – reflecting upon the need for many Lincolnites to drop some pounds and/or recognize the bicycle as an acceptable form of transportation*

*Prior to kids, I would commute to work via bike, and I can tell you that a stationary bike on the sidewalk is usually the safest option for biking in downtown Lincoln – and the one that most motorists would prefer you to use.

Heck, maybe some benevolent soul thought downtown Lincoln could use a public workout facility.  I know several downtown Lincoln employers who do not have this level of exercise facilities in their workplace.

Regardless of their intention, whomever did it made my day.

And for that, I thank you.

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