Rejected LeBron James “Decision” Ideas

The speculation on where NBA All Star LeBron James will go has been heating up ever since he opted out of his contract with the Miami Heat.  Rumors have him going to Los Angeles to become a Laker, back home to Cleveland, or even staying in Miami with a retooled lineup.

But with LeBron, the destination is only half of the equation.  Once he decides where he is going to go, how will LeBron announce it to the world?

Not how I would pick a team, but what do I know?

Arguably, he will not do another installment of “The Decision” – the one hour, live on ESPN special, where LeBron managed to piss off and alienate almost every person in America when he famously chose to “take (his) talents to South Beach”.

In announcing his next team, there are several different approaches that James can take.

The Benefits of Being Held Back

In August of 1979, I turned five.

My parents could have sent me to kindergarten that fall.  Instead, they opted to hold me back and send me in 1980 when was six.

Looking back at my life, this has proven to be the greatest decision they ever made for me, as it has been one that benefitted me time after time after time.  How, you ask?

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