It’s Gotta Be The Shoes

Within Husker circles, there is buzz going around about the latest adidas viral video, which teases the adizero Smoke shoes Nebraska will wear for their game this weekend against Wisconsin.

I guess I’m not surprised that NU will have fancy, schmancy new shoes for this game.  As any father of a little girl knows, you simply must have new shoes to wear with a fancy outfit – even if they are outrageously silly and are only worn once..  Since I’ve shared my thoughts on the alternate uniforms Nebraska will wear*, I’ll save you a recap of my feelings on adidas’s homage to Texas Tech.

*But, if you are so included, feel free to get up to speed on my opinions of the alts by clicking here, here, and here.

The video does a decent job of generating interest – at least for those of us who are moderately obsessive about Nebraska, uniforms, or fancy shoes*

*Writing about such broad and popular topics, it is a wonder that my readership isn’t in the millions.

The central tease of the video is about something magically wonderful that happens when you take a picture of these shoes.  What, exactly, happens?  Excellent question.  Adidas and the Nebraska athletic department aren’t saying anything now, so we are left to speculate.  And since wild speculation is the hallmark of the fan blogger, I’ll gladly dive in.  Here are my thoughts on what happens:

  • A chip in the shoe automatically converts the cell phone picture to an faux-retro Instagram photo of these shoes.
  • Tiny speakers in the shoe play Run DMC’s “My Adidas” with each picture.
  • They light up like your 3-year-old nephew’s shoes.
  • They light up like that Honda Civic that cruises Main Street.
  • A smoke machine embedded in the heel activates, turning the game into this.
  • A hologram of Bob Devaney appears over Memorial Stadium.
  • A video of Nike CEO Phil Knight getting kicked in the groin is shown on the HuskerVision screens. (sorry, no link for that one)
  • Something rather boring like the three adidas stripes appearing in a reflective material.

Whatever it is, I’m sure it is going to be amazingly awesome and earth-shatteringly cool, but I do have one question:

For it to work, will I need to have my cell phone camera three feet from the shoes when I take the picture?  Because that could cause a problem from my seat in Row 47.

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