Smells Like (Teen)Aged Spirits

So…I saw this tonight in my Twitter feed:


As my buddy Denny said “now you can smell like an alcoholic without the cost or time involved to actually become one”!

While I do find bourbon to be a pleasant aroma, I’m probably not going to look for it in a Yankee Hill candle, much less a cologne.  But this product does raise some practical questions:

  • What proof is the Jim Beam Cologne?


  • Is it just a mini-bar bottle with a spray mister on top?


  • Does one have to be 21 to buy it?


  • Is it a plausible excuse if I get pulled over on suspicion of DUI?


  • Will my wife have to start wearing a Coca-Cola perfume?


  • How early is too early to roll out your April Fool’s Day gag?


Yep, they got me.  Which brings us to a close with another piece of sage Twitter advice:


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