My Cardboard Castle

A few weeks ago, we received a shipment in a fairly large cardboard box, which has found a semi-permanent home in the dining room.  Since then, the box has been a hub of activity.

Our two-year old loves it, of course.  She gets in and wants the “door” closed, says “can’t find me!”, and then shrieks when I knock on the side or peek in.  My wife decorated the outside with several of Jamie’s art projects from daycare.  The two cats have been known to spend some time in there, as have several dolls, some markers, a baby stroller, and who knows what else.  Heck, even I’ve spent some time in the box* while playing with Jamie.  Family fun for everyone.

*Well, as much of me as will fit in a 4 foot long box.  I don’t have the same flexibility I had at 18.

Today, my buddy Nate put out a Facebook request for a large cardboard box.  Since the two-year old is turning three this weekend, we need to clean up and make room for her party.  In a few hours Nate is soon to be the proud owner of a slightly used, and highly decorated cardboard box.

I sent my wife an email to give her a heads up that Jamie’s fort would be leaving tonight, and she sent the following response:

“And Daddy – it’s a Princess castle.  Not a fort.  Forts are for boys. “

Oy.  I have so much to learn about parenting girls.

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