Thought of the Day – 5/29/2014 – Nutella Like It Is

Our household has been on a bit of a Nutella kick.  The kids like to ask for a peanut butter and Nutella sandwich at meal time.

Sure, Nutella can call itself a “hazelnut spread”, and tout its quality ingredients like as skim milk.

But let’s be honest here, gang:

Nutella is rich chocolate and hazelnut frosting that is socially acceptable to be eaten as part of a meal.

Personally, I think it gained that social acceptance for the way it can help transform everyday breakfast foods into one-off versions of yummy treats.

Nutella on bread?  A poor man’s cake.

Nutella on toast?  A non-fried, chocolate iced donut.

Nutella on bacon?  An experience not of this world.

Nutella on a spoon?  A utensil that will be licked clean.

Not that I would know anything about that last one…

nutella for breakfast

Mmm, really thin cake (Photo credit: ninacoco)


Thought of the Day – 4/17/2014 – Omelets (O)

I’m thinking about making a special breakfast for Easter morning.

Bacon (of course).  Toast, or maybe English muffins.  And the star of the show:  omelets, albeit with a special Easter twist…

Instead of regular store-bought eggs I’m going to use Cadbury Creme Eggs.

Cadbury Creme Egg

Breakfast of champions (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sure, the kids will probably be in diabetic comas for most of the morning, but think of the deliciousness.

*   *   *

(Author’s note:  Wondering why there is a random letter in parentheses in the title of this post?  Not sure how this post corresponds to the daily letter in the April A to Z Challenge?  Like clicking on links?  These questions are all answered here.)

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Why You Shouldn’t Take A Girl To Perkins For A First Date

A little background on this one…

The lovely Mrs. Feit Can Write came to me with a request and a story:  an intern at her company had managed to land a date with one of the other interns.  For their first date, he was planning to take her to Perkins.  Yes….that Perkins.

My wife and her co-workers tried to explain to the young lad why this was such a bad idea – especially if he hoped to get a second date.  Unfortunately, they struggled to eloquently articulate* why this was a bad plan in words besides “Why?” and “Dear God, no.”

*Mrs. Feit Can Write is a self-proclaimed “numbers girl”.  She works with other numbers people doing a number-centric job that quite frankly, I don’t understand.  I think she is a transponster, but I’m not really sure.  I’m secretly hoping she gets a new job so I can once again understand what she does all day.

After Mrs. Feit Can Write explained the situation, she asked me to take on a freelance writing assignment:  Provide her a list of 10 reasons why you just don’t take a first date to Perkins.  We negotiated a fair price for my work*, and I set out to create the list below.

*Lunch with my lady, and permission to publish here.  It goes to show that if you are in need of freelance writing, I am willing to work cheap.  If you need a talented writer cheap, let me know.

So without further ado, I give you:

Why you don’t take a first date to Perkins:

  1. Typically, you buy them breakfast AFTER the first date, not as the first date.
  2. You’re not 75.
  3. Perkins doesn’t serve alcohol, so she can’t drink you handsome.
  4. Nothing says romance like the Perkins crowd of drunks, elderly, and um…who else goes to Perkins again?
  5. If your thing is “breakfast served all day” chain restaurants (and what girl doesn’t LOVE that?) you should take her to Denny’s so you can use menu items like “Grand Slam” and “Moons Over My Hammy” as the basis for sexual innuendo.
  6. Egg farts are not sexy – especially from her.
  7. Perkins is more a second date place.  For a first date you want to impress her with pie, which means Village Inn.
  8. You don’t want her to be disappointed with the size or quality of the sausage.
  9. McDonald’s has a perfectly good breakfast menu, allowing you to save your precious money for eHarmony after this girl dumps you.
  10. Because you would like to have a second date.

As of this post, I know that the intern has seen the list.  However, I do not know if he has been convinced to take this girl somewhere better like Olive Garden, Hi-Way Diner, or the Tastee Inn & Out.

Thought of the Day – 7/17/2012

A band I like is selling tickets for a couple of shows.  In a Facebook post, they said the tickets are “selling like hot cakes.”

But what does that really mean?

  • Are the tickets only selling in the morning?  (or at “brinner” for some lucky folks)
  • Maybe they are only selling the tickets on Sundays after church?
  • Or are these tickets only available in a large Styrofoam tray with sausage patty, a tub of syrup, with pats of butter?

On a related note, I’ve also seen where things are selling “like crazy”.  Where do they sell crazy, and who are the people buying it?

Thought of the Day – 1/17/12

I like Kellogg’s Apple Jacks cereal.

In my 30 some years, I have consumed a fair amount of sugary cereal, with Apple Jacks probably being in my top 5 most consumed.  I think it is safe to say that I know a little bit about Apple Jacks.  For example, I know that:

  • “A” is for Apple
  • “J” is for Jacks
  • Apple Jacks cereal does contain apples (dried*, and juice concentrate), but does not contain jacks
  • Apple Jack is one of the few Kellogg-ian sugar-based cereals to not have an animal on the box (ala Tony the Tiger, the Sugar Smacks Frog, Toucan Sam, etc.)

No animal mascot, just two castoffs from the Peanuts gang

*Fun Fact:  You know Cookie Crisp cereal, the one with the pieces that look like chocolate chip cookies?  The chips on those little cookies are actually dried apples.  Who says cereal isn’t good for you?

But here is something I never realized until this weekend:

Apples (the fruit) come in a number of different hues, but most are in the red and green families.

Apple Jacks (the delicious breakfast cereal) comes in two colors:  green (which is new within the last decade or so) and orange.


What the heck is that?  Why have I never noticed that before?  Nothing about apples is orange.  Comparing the color of an apple to the color of an orange is like, well, comparing apples and oranges.

And yes, these are the things that keep me up at night.


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