Thought of the Day – 11/4/11

I read that the world’s population has recently surpassed 70 billion people.  For perspective, that’s a 7 followed by ten zeroes (0000000000).

By my rough (and probably horribly inaccurate) calculations, if you said “hi” to each one of the 70 billion people in the world for exactly one second, it would take you 2,218 years and a handful of weeks to get through everybody.

Since that is obviously impossible (I mean, how many different languages can you say “hi” in?) let’s just focus on the English speakers.  Wikipedia estimates the number of “native speakers” of the English language between 500 million and 1.8 billion people worldwide.

Splitting the difference (11.5 billion) it would still take you 36 years, 6 months of doing nothing but saying “hi” every single second to meet everyone.

Kinda makes the number of Facebook friends I have seem microscopic.

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