Smells Like (Teen)Aged Spirits

So…I saw this tonight in my Twitter feed:


As my buddy Denny said “now you can smell like an alcoholic without the cost or time involved to actually become one”!

While I do find bourbon to be a pleasant aroma, I’m probably not going to look for it in a Yankee Hill candle, much less a cologne.  But this product does raise some practical questions:

  • What proof is the Jim Beam Cologne?


  • Is it just a mini-bar bottle with a spray mister on top?


  • Does one have to be 21 to buy it?


  • Is it a plausible excuse if I get pulled over on suspicion of DUI?


  • Will my wife have to start wearing a Coca-Cola perfume?


  • How early is too early to roll out your April Fool’s Day gag?


Yep, they got me.  Which brings us to a close with another piece of sage Twitter advice:


One Comment

Ha! That got me too. It is a perfect gag because it’s so far out there that you go “what the heck?”, but at the same time we all know one or two people who would probably buy it. 🙂

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