State of the Huskers Survey

In the wake of Nebraska’s back to back losses, there has been a lot of talk about where the Nebraska program is, where it should be, and what it will take to get it there.

Strong opinions are easy to find – especially if you are down on Pelini and/or his staff.  But I wonder if all voices are being heard.  Are there folks who think these are isolated losses, so any talk about firing coaches and benching players is unwarranted?

There are some tough questions floating around right now.  Some very difficult choices need to be made, many of which will likely shape the direction and perception of this program for years to come.  So to get an accurate pulse of Husker Nation, I want to know what ALL fans think – not just the ones who spew hot takes on message boards, Twitter, and radio shows.

I encourage you to take the following anonymous survey covering several aspects of the 2014 Huskers, the coaching staff, the direction of the program, and some other questions

Once the results are in, I’ll report back on the numbers and try to find some consensus.

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Great survey. Personally, I’d hate to see Pelini go. I know some dislike his fiery sideline antics but to me, that’s Bo. He’s passionate and he’s real. He doesn’t put on a fake attitude for the press or for anyone else and frankly he is fun to watch. That said, I was heartbroken yesterday after they pissed away their win.

    I’m still not 100% on where I sit, but the way we lose does not help his case.

      I also love his passion for the game, however, I have heard from numerous FB fans that they would not want their son playing for him. They regard his tyraids with players making mistakes as over the top. Most of us from old school FB see his in your face moments as normal, but it’s a different world today. Bottom line is that his antics are hurting recruitment and how many now regard NU as a low class program with a tyrant as its head coach.

I thought it was a good well rounded survey. This coach has been given ample time. We should hire Tressle before Florida possibly gets him.

Good Survey, although I don’t like questions using absolutes like “never”. Too much is made of Pelini’s 9 win seasons. When 3 of each season’s games are against teams from low level FCS or FBS conferences, that brings the meaningful wins to 6 each season, with the real possibility of 5 this season.
Husker fans who continue to increase the NCAA sellout record each game deserve a better program than what Pelini and staff have been providing.

What do you think?

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