To Recline, Or Not to Recline – Simplified

Recently, I came across a post with an attention-grabbing title:  To Recline, Or Not To Recline:  That Is The Question.  As you probably guessed, the recline in question are seats on an airplane.  As somebody who used to travel extensively for work, I have grappled with this question for years.

Although the post focuses more on the etiquette involved when reclining conflict arises, there was a line that caught my eye:  “Obviously, there are no hard and fast rules.”

I disagree.

I believe there are definitive rules on when you should – and should not – recline your seat on an airplane.  While there are some caveats (red-eye flights, flights over four hours long), for the most part there is a very simple decision-making process to follow to know if you should push that silver button on your seat.

To make it easy to understand, I created a quick flowchart (click to enlarge):

When to recline on an airplane




Airlines could – and should – provide better accommodation for their passengers. Ships and trains can give you a reasonable degree of comfort on an overnight journey, why not planes? If more people refused to be rammed into a small space for hours on end the airlines would get the message eventually.

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