Top Ten BTN Replacements for Live Sports

Over the last 24 hours, there has been a lot of complaining from Nebraska fans who were unable to watch the Huskers dramatic 7-6 comeback win over Ohio State in the first round of the Big Ten Baseball Tournament.

The entire tournament is being broadcast on the Big Ten Network (BTN), with the exception of the first two games, including that Nebraska thriller.

To make matters worse, fans tuning into BTN hoping to see NU’s bottom of the ninth inning rally were met with “Big Ten’s Greatest Games:  Purdue at Indiana, 2007”.


So if BTN is not going to show live sporting events (which, you know, seems like something they might want to consider), the least they could do is find better programming options than Indiana v. Purdue from seven years ago.

Therefore, I give you the Top Ten BTN Replacements for Live Sports*

*And since the Big Ten has not been about to count to ten since 1990, my Top Ten will have twelve entries.

12.  A Jeopardy! style quiz show where B1G student athletes try to distinguish Legends from Leaders.

11.  Next on Big Ten’s Greatest Games:  A beer pong match up between Indiana and Purdue students from 2005.

10. A 2008 documentary on long snapper practice at Northwestern.  Directed by students of their esteemed film school, the entire program is in black and white, and shot from between the center’s legs.

9.  A sit down interview with the guy who maintains Jim Delaney’s eyebrows.  Grab the tissues, this one gets emotional.

8.  A musical tribute to the career achievements of Rutgers athletic director Julie Hermann, set to Yakkity Sax.

7.  Big Ten Bowl Blowout!  Watch Big Ten teams get blasted in January 1 bowl games!

6.  An infomercial for Aaron Craft’s new instructional video:  “The Joy of Flopping”.

5.  A retrospective of the 83,000 times Jim Delaney tried to get Notre Dame to join the conference before he gave up and took Maryland.

4.  Simulcasts from The Longhorn Network’s coverage of Texas’s Spring Game.  Followed by a grainy, pirated feed of the SEC Network.

3.  A Survivor type reality show to determine the next school to join the Big Ten.  In a surprise twist, Wyoming beats out North Carolina, U Conn, and Georgia Tech.

2.  A roundtable discussion with college football announcers talking about their bias against Nebraska.  Scheduled to appear:  Brent Musburger, Ed Cunningham, Kirk Herbstreit, and every other announcer to call a Nebraska game in the last 20 years.

1.  The Jerry Sandusky Children’s Hour.

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