Awakening (A)

Long time readers* may have noticed that my postings have been few and far between this year.

*And seriously, I know I can be an insincere ball of snark, but I truly appreciate those of you who read my ramblings, leave comments, share them with others, and take the time to tell me that you like what I’m doing here.  Thank you.  It really means a lot to me.

The past two years, I’ve set a goal to publish 125 posts a year on Feit Can Write.  That works out to just over 10 a month, or about one every three days.  It’s taken some effort (and some December heroics), but I’ve accomplished that goal in 2012 and 2013.

So far in 2014?  By today (April 1), I’d like to have about 30 pieces published.  Instead, I have posted seven things.  I’ll be honest, I’m surprised it was that high.

I have been in a writing lull.  A rut.  A nasty combination of lack of motivation and lack of words that I need to put into pixels.

I’ve been trying to figure out how to get out of this creative ditch and work through my writing funk.  My current idea?  A sink or swim project that will force me to write (and publish) almost daily for the month of April.

Today, I signed up for the Blogging From A to Z challenge.  Here is the nutshell version:

  • Post every day in April, except Sundays.
  • The theme/topic of each day’s post corresponds with a letter of the alphabet.  Today (April 1) is A.  Tomorrow (April 2) is B.  So on and so forth through April 30 (Z).

I realize this is the writing version of sitting on the couch for six months and deciding to run a marathon in 30 days, but I think this kick in the ass is what I need to avoid having this blog wither and die.

I’m looking at this as a creative awakening*; a time to use one of my gifts (writing under pressure) to jump-start my writing routine.

*Awakening.  A.  And just like that, April 1 is done.  Only 25 more to go!

Or it may burn me out and cause me to take another three months off.  Who knows?

What does this mean for you, faithful reader?

  • Get ready for a mini-avalanche (avalanchite?) of posts.  Hopefully when this is done, I’ll settle back into a good 2-4 a week routine.
  • Be prepared to cut me some slack on how I tie that day’s letter into the topic/theme.  Looking ahead, there are a couple of days where I may stretch a little bit to incorporate some pieces I have in progress.
  • If you like, you can check out the work by others participating in the challenge:  I’m number 2,200 on the sign up list, so there should be plenty to choose from.


*   *   *

(Author’s note:  Wondering why there is a random letter in parentheses in the title of this post?  Not sure how this post corresponds to the daily letter in the April A to Z Challenge?  Like clicking on links?  These questions are all answered here.)


Anyone who calls themselves an insincere ball of snark is ok in my book. 😉

I’ve never heard of a ball of snark. I’ve read about Lewis Carroll’s Snark, though. And I’m sure you’re not one! Blogging once a day sounds like a real challenge – good luck with the pace, and I’ll enjoy reading my way through your April posted alphabet.

Congratulations on joining in. Good way to stretch your creative synapses. Fire them up. Remember every blog doesn’t need to be a novella. LOL.


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