B1G Power Rankings – Week of 11/11

Throughout the 2013 season, I’ll be ranking the Big Ten schools 1-12.  Click here to see where your team was ranked last week.

Prepare to disagree…

  1. Ohio State.  I’m pretty sure the game of “how many style points will Urban try to score” will be more interesting than the game of “Ohio State vs. Illinois”.  Anything under 50 is likely a disappointment.
  2. Wisconsin.  The Badgers move back up to #2 after winning one of the best non-conference games by a B1G school.  (Other finalists, btw:  Michigan 41, Notre Dame 30; Illinois 45, Cincy 17; Ohio State 40, Buffalo 20)
  3. Michigan State.  If MSU can win in Lincoln, they win the Legends.  But a loss doesn’t put them out of the running.  Fortunately Sparty got an extra week to get ready.
  4. Minnesota.  Give the Gophers a week off to savor and enjoy their four game run and national ranking.  They may will not win again until their bowl game.
  5. Nebraska.  Yes, the Huskers did not beat your father’s Michigan, but that is a game the Big Red would have lost a month ago. Now, can they find a way to beat Sparty to take control of the division?  Or will they need to recruit healthy offensive linemen from the crowd?
  6. Iowa.  Since beating Purdue tells us nothing about how good (or not good) Iowa is, the Mendoza line climbs up to #6 this week.

    Purdue is best known for: a) World’s largest drum, b) Being my largest punchline?

  7. Penn State.  The Nittany Lions have a Purdue walk-thru to help them get ready for two big games with Nebraska and Wisconsin.
  8. Michigan.  Have the Wolverines really lost three of their last four conference games?  If Michigan played Minnesota again tomorrow, the score would still be 42-13, just with Michigan on the losing side.
  9. Northwestern.  The Wildcats must beat Michigan to have any hope of not finishing last in the Legends.  There is a good chance that might happen.
  10. Indiana.  It’s rare to see such separation between the #10 and #11 teams in a twelve team conference.  But a 52-35 win by the Hoosiers does just that.
  11. Illinois.  If I’m Illinois, I completely look past the Ohio State game and focus on beating Purdue for the right to finish 5th in the Leaders.
  12. Purdue.  I’m tempted to include Rutgers and Maryland in the rankings this year, just so I can put Purdue even lower than 12th.

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[…] the 2013 season, I’ll be ranking the Big Ten schools 1-12.  Click here to see where your team was ranked last […]

[…] the 2013 season, I’ll be ranking the Big Ten schools 1-12.  Click here to see where your team was ranked last […]

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