B1G Power Rankings – Week of 11/4

Throughout the 2013 season, I’ll be ranking the Big Ten schools 1-12.  Click here to see where your team was ranked last week.

Prepare to disagree…

  1. Ohio State.  Since there is no conceivable way that Ohio State could possibly lose two out of their next three games, I’m calling it:  The Buckeyes are your 2013 Leaders Division champions.
  2. Michigan State.  I’m not quite ready to call the Legends, but a huge win over their “big brother”, all but seals the division race.  Michigan State doesn’t need to win out, they just need to either beat Nebraska or have the Huskers lose at Michigan, at Penn State or against Iowa.
  3. Wisconsin.  Quick – somebody tell the Badgers that they should not have an attractive non-conference game in November (BYU).  Instead, they should be playing a boring divisional game against Illinois at 11 am on BTN.
  4. Minnesota.  Let the Gophers enjoy their run for another week (and potentially more if they can beat Penn State).  Reality (in the form of Michigan State and Wisconsin) is coming to close out the season.
  5. Nebraska.  In an under-appreciated trophy game, Nebraska earned the right to use “NU” for the next 12 months (suck on that, NW!).  Oh yeah, the Huskers’ final pass was a rather decent play.

    Nebraska’s favorite duo: Pudgy and Pornstache

  6. Michigan.  The Wolverines drop for being all but mathematically eliminated from the Legends race and for failing to get a positive rushing yard against Sparty.
  7. Iowa.  I view the Hawkeyes as the B1G’s version of the Mendoza line, separating the above average from the bottom feeders.
  8. Penn State.  The Nittany Lions are clearly the third best team in the Leaders, which is lot like being the third best Baldwin brother – after Alec, nobody really cares.
  9. Northwestern.  You know you’ve had a bad stretch of injuries when Iowa looks at your RB depth chart and goes “Damn, that sucks”.  At this rate, Michael Wilbon’s ego will be getting carries by the end of November.
  10. Indiana.  With a bowl game a remote (but not realistic) possibility, Hoosier fans may now focus entirely on basketball.  See ya next year!
  11. Illinois.  Remember back when the Illini were 3-1 and perceived to be dark horse challenger in the Leaders?  Yeah, they don’t either.
  12. Purdue.  Multiple choice:  The “black out” that Purdue held for the Ohio State game was a) the school’s excuse to trot out an all-black alternate uniform, b) a desperate attempt to gain momentum against a top five foe, c) what likely happened to the Boilermakers after having 56 points dropped on them, or d) the recommended level of intoxication for any Purdue fan choosing to attend the game?

What do you think?

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