Thought of the Day – 5/30/2012

I see that some guy named Philip Phillips won American Idol.  I don’t watch a lot of America’s favorite karaoke competition so I couldn’t tell you if he is talented and headed for super-stardom or if he going to be the obscure answer to a trivia question.  Frankly, all of that is unimportant to me.

But Mr. Phillips reminds me of something I’ve thought about in the past:

Why the heck do parents give their kids the same (or very similar) first name to their last name?

I mean, you’ve got Philip Phillips, and in previous careers I have talked to Ed Edwards, Bill Williams, Jonathan Johnson, and Fred Fredricksen.

As a writer*, I totally get the appeal of amazingly awesome alliteration.  But seriously, who does that to their kids?

*And by “writer” I mean “random guy whose free blog has a moderately clever title.”

The other thing about this double naming phenomena that I find interesting?  You rarely see women (married or single) with a double name.  I cannot think of a single one.

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