Mustache Challenge – Day 2

Not a lot of changes for Day 2.  I cleaned up the sides a little since the missus* thought the Fu was a little lopsided from the Manchu.

*This is a good time to acknowledge what a very good sport my lovely wife is being with this mustache challenge.  She is one of the few who likes me with a goatee, which means she didn’t want to see it go.  Plus, she is the poor soul who has to see me and this silly stache the most.  Of course, thanks to her generous donation, Day 2 happened.  Love ya, sweetie!

I got a little more public exposure today.  I hope my daycare providers are aware of what is going on (and that I don’t actually think this thing looks good).  I also ran into a couple of the other daycare parents tonight at pick-up time – some of whom definitely don’t know what is going on.

I went out to eat for lunch today.  It is really interesting to have a sudden jolt of consciousness during a conversation, a moment of “this guy thinks I actually intend to look like this, and I’m not just doing this as a gimmick to raise funds to fight heart disease.”  I don’t really know the adjective to describe that moment of clarity, but it was something that I don’t think I’ve experienced before.

The biggest challenge is that I look like somebody who should not be allowed within 500 feet of a school, which is not a good thing seeing as how I live across the street from an elementary school.

All dark humor aside, I think we’ll switch things up a little more for Day 3.  We’ll see just how steady of a hand I have with clippers after a short night of sleep…

A 70's 'stache deserves the 70's camera treatment via Instagram

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