Local meteorologists (and Pennsylvannia-based rodents) are predicting a big winter storm this weekend.  Forecasts are calling for anywhere from 1 to 20 inches of snow, which means the storm could be the snowpacolypse or a snow-show.  The radio is describing the storm as “snowmaggedon”, although when a storm receives this much hype it turns out to be snow big deal.

Right now, it is just raining, which I guess could be considered the snowverture to the actual storm.  I have heard of a weather phenomina known as “thunder snow” (which is exactly what you think it is), but is there such a thing as a snownado?  Or a snowicane?  Or a snownami?  If the wind picks up, we could have a raging infersnow (aka a blizzard) causing hazzardous driving with snow visibility.

If it snows enough, the city might declare a Snow Emergency, which means there is snow parking on some streets so the snow plows can remove said snow.  Everyone is expected to snowbey the law, otherwise your car may be towed – or worse, snowed in.

Since it is the weekend, schools won’t have to worry about snow days, but don’t be surprised if some place are not snowpen for business.  Should anybody die as a result of the storm, we can read their snowbituary in the paper.

Is all of this a snowverreaction?  I don’t snow.  I think it is best to be snowverly cautious, without going snowverboard.  That is my personal snowpinion.

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