Special Delivery

My wife is a big Amazon shopper.  I’d guess that she purchased 95% of the Christmas presents we gave from Amazon.

This means we have a lot of cardboard boxes showing up at our house, most of the time while we are at work.

Thankfully, our friends at UPS and FedEx do not require our signature for these packages (especially since driving across town to the UPS or FedEx distribution center defeats the convenience of having things shipped to us).  They can drop them off and go.

And that is where we run into the potential for trouble.

UPS and FedEx both like to leave little sticky notes on your door to prove that they attempted to drop something off.  When they leave something behind, they like to tell us where they’ve “hidden” our delivery.  For example, this is what was on our front door tonight:

UPS Notification

Guess where the package is at?

This is all well and good, except that anybody walking or driving down the street can see their Post It treasure map and do some shopping.

It would sure be nice if UPS and FedEx could just drop the package off (preferably in one of the two or three good “hiding places” on our property).

Of course, it could be worse.  We could have a fence around our property, and order breakable things.  That seems to be a recipe for disaster.


I always hated that. In this day and age of tracking numbers, one would think that just hiding the package coupled with the delivered tracking status would be enough.

Wish I lived closer – sounds like some good “shopping” 😉

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