Lessons from Disney’s “Tangled”

Disney’s “Tangled” is the new favorite movie in our house.  Our young daughter loves to watch Rapunzel, Flynn, and especially Maximus the horse.  Man, does she love that horse.  It is a very cute and enjoyable movie, which is good, because we are watching it daily.

However, somewhere during the 17th viewing of this movie, I started to notice that the movie is teaching some rather interesting lessons to my daughter.  For example:

  • If locked in a castle/tower/room, a woman can get a lot of cooking and cleaning done in a short amount of time, with plenty of time for reading and other hobbies.
  • If a girl has long enough hair, it does not hurt to tug or pull on it, or use it as a climbing device.
  • Horses have the ability to track a scent like a hound.
  • Cast iron frying pans are an excellent weapon for use in home security and battling enemies.
  • It is okay to blackmail somebody as long as you both get something you want.
  • The only way to truly experience life is to defy your parent(s) and sneak out.
  • Another good way to experience life is to run off with a handsome and charismatic man with a criminal background.
  • Most big, burly, scary looking dudes have a secret effeminate trait such as being a mime, playing the piano, or collecting unicorn figurines.
  • Brunettes are simply blondes who have lost the power in their hair.
  • If you cut your hair with a shard of broken mirror you end up with a very attractive hairdo.

One Comment

I agree in everything you said… i love this movie!

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