Here We Go

First off, my sincerest apologies to the Beastie Boys for bastardizing the lyrics of their classic for my blog/review/freelance site. 

Secondly, my sincere apologies to my Mom for saying “bastardize” on the Internet.  I’ll try to clean it up.

So what are we looking at here?  Well…that is an excellent question.  As I type, it’s 11:43 on a Tuesday in August.  I’m fairly recently…um…retired from a rather unfulfilling career.  My current job prospects include mowing lawns and delivering newspapers – which aside from the exciting worlds of fast food and telemarketing, is pretty much a mirror image of my career options 20 years ago.  Yikes.

Therefore, it should be pretty obvious that some changes are in order.  And without telling you how the hotdog is made, let’s keep things simple by saying that I’m hoping to accomplish a handful of things here:
1.  Provide me a creative outlet/playground to develop and nuture a writing talent that I’ve been told about by pretty much every teacher, supervisor, family member, and random Facebook friend I have.  I’ve got some ideas for recurring content that I’d like to explore and hopefully will be of interest.
2.  Provide me with a marketing piece for freelance writing jobs that I aspire to obtain (see:  unemployed status and newspaper delivery job above)
3.  Provide me with easily documentable and verifiable samples of my writing abilities.  This is important as my current experience level in Advertising boils down to a) my degree in Advertising (University of Nebraska, 1997), and b) I watch a decent amount of TV.
4.  Create a mini-community via the comments where you (the faithful reader and clicker of the Google ads in the sidebar) can let me know that my work is a) good, b) crap, c) funny, d) one of the many reasons for my unemployment, e) something you’d like to hire for your company/site/kid’s birthday party, or f) all of the above.

So where are we going first?  Astute consumers of advertising (or at least those who watch sports on TV) should recognize the title as the current tagline for Bud Light’s current campaign – a campaign that I find incredibly lame, predictable, and sadly typical of a lot of advertising today.

At least, that’s the plan as of 11:58 on Tuesday.  Who knows…I could get a job offer from Boring Industries tomorrow and this whole thing never sees the light of day while I live a semi-enjoyable experience in a cubicle 50 feet from the nearest window.

Here we go…

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